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KC20 Green Casement
Name KC20 Green Casement
Thickness ≥2. 0mm
Outer Width 70mm
Glass Notch ≤46mm
Outer Insulation Strip I20
Inner Insulation Strip I20

  • Barrier strip thermal insulation technology

    Connections of both inner and outer frames adopt barrier strip thermal insulation, using imported I14. 8 heat insulation strips with high quality and excellent performance. Experiments show that barrier strip thermal insulation helps effectively reduce heat exchange between indoor and outdoor, which can be intuitively felt and further reduces heating and cooling costs.

  • High matching suitability

    Electric built-in shutters can be installed in the hollow glass;
    width of inner fan reaching 70MM, automatic window closing device can be mounted;
    brush strips can be installed at indoor and outdoor sides of inner frame bottom rail to ensure airtightness;

  • Double-color

    With barrier strip thermal break profiles, high-end double colors can be achieved for both sides Perfect matching based on home decoration style

  • Pattern design

    Outer frame has unique patterns, providing a stronger modern three-dimensional feeling.


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