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Name of series 2000/2011 art doors
Recommended size
Standard size Width (mm) Height (mm)
Double fixed double-door Within 3600 2100
Four-door with fanlight Within 3600 2100
Four-door with fanlight Within 3600 2400
Aluminum colors
Recommended decorations
2000/2011 product features
  • 2000 Art Doors: Succession of the classic to start a new artistic life

  • Flexible combination with personalized accessories

  • We have art deco materials of 10, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 sizes available that flexably match door flowers, iron art, deco glass and honey comb to realize all kinds of door types.

  • Combinable door types

  • Deco parts and materials

  • Numerical control locks, convenient with safety

  • LPSK art doors match most digital locks on the market

  • Based on 20 years’ accumulation of doors and windows technology and China's climate features of different regions, LPSK introduces series of aluminum doors and windows and energy-saving thermal break aluminum doors and windows that are adapt to Chinese market. Regardless of different demands in different regions, those perfect product series are capable to provide the best styling and performance in both cold and warm places.

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